In Ibarrola Bekoa we raise and care for species
that are native of Euskalerria. We take orders

Our animals are born, grow and live in a privileged environment and have our full attention at each stage of their development. This is why we have obtained the first prize in Euskal arraza capons at the Fair of Santa Lucia in Zumarraga.
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Native species
We raise and sell capons of our Euskal Oiloa native species. As members of the Euskal Oiloak association, we are actively involved in the breeding of these varieties. As a result of our dedication and research, we have been awarded prizes in many fairs and competitions.
The advantage of capons is the excellent quality of their meat when compared to chicken due to the absence of sex hormones in the animal. The meat reaches higher levels of fat which makes it much juicier.
Nuestros capones son cocinados y preparados por los mejores cocineros de Euskalerria pues conocen sus vitudes tanto biológicas como gastronómicas. Podrás encontrar capones de Ibarrola Bekoa en las más renombradas Sociedades o en las cartas de los mejores restautantes de Euskadi.
Our capons are choosen by the best chefs in Euskalerria because of their biological and culinary virtues. You can find Ibarrola Bekoa capons in the most renowned culinary societies and in the menus of the best reaturants in the Basque Country.

The plumage of this variety is characterized by the presence of white interspersed with colorful stripes as in the Gorria variety. Other important trait is that all chestnut shades as well as the black ones are lighter. The under colour is ivory. Stripes are more diffuse in hens and it is still desirable that they are as marked as possible.


n both cock and hen, the plumage is exactly as in the Gorria variety but all colors and shades of red and chestnut brown are replaced by white, black areas being equal. The neck is noted for an orange hue in the hen although not as pronounced in tonality as in the rooster. Feathers at the end of the neck have black tips, and tail rectrices are black or predominantly black.


The plumage has neck, shoulders, crop area, inner thighs and the side of the abdomen devoid of feathers. The breast has two rows of feathers, one on each side of the breastbone.

Plumage coloration covering the rest of the body is the same as in the Gorria variety. The skin of neck and entire area of the crop, take a bright red colour.

Gorriak y Beltzak


Both cock and hen have a plumage entirely black with bluish green reflections, more in the former than in the latter.


The hood and tassels are orange-red, shining out over the rest of its plumage. Feathers at the central end of the hood, form a black spear tip.

Breeding of capons in Ibarrolabekoa

Native species of Euskalherria
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